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Computerized Sympathetic Nerve Assessment

Assessment of the function of the nervous system is critical in finding the underlying cause of your problem. The function of the sympathetic nerves, which control functions of the body such as blood flow, tension in the muscles, and how our bodies respond to stress, is evaluated through a computerized paraspinal thermal scan. This scan lets us know at what levels the nervous system is possibly not functioning as it should and the severity of the situation.

Computerized Spinal Range of Motion

Imbalances in range of motion, particularly in the upper neck region, can lead to mechanical irritation of the spinal tissues. This irritation may result in nerve irritation causing the nerve not to function properly and be a possible source of pain. Computerized measuring of the range of motion of the spine is an accurate method to locate such imbalances and reveals the severity of the limited spinal movement. Limited range of motion in the upper neck may also stimulate improper proprioceptive responses to gravity leading to a condition of forward head posture. This posture increases the tension and tightness at the base of the skull.

Forward Head Posture Analysis

Forward head posture occurs when the normal curve in the neck is reduced or actually reversed causing the head to be positioned forward of the spine. For every one inch of forward head posture, the weight of the head on the spine is increased by 10 pounds. Studies have shown that forward head posture can lead to disc degeneration, early arthritis and up to a 30% loss of lung function. A 2016 study published in the "Medical Science Monitor" demonstrated that a loss of the curve in your neck can actually decrease the function of the vertebral artery. These arteries feed blood to the brain.

Adrenal Gland Testing

Stress can break down the body's ability to be chemically balanced and can effect how the "Stress Glands" of the body work.  These glands are the adrenal and thyroid glands. Signs of these glands being over-loaded include fatigue, dizziness when standing up, sleeping problems, craving sugars, and weight gain. Functional tests provide a more accurate indication as to how your body is utilizing the hormones it already produces on its own.

Orthopedic & Neurological Testing

Orthopedic and neurological testing reveal the severity of the irritation to the nerves and supportive structures. These tests help indicate if your problem is more complex or not. Chiropractic and palpation tests are also performed to obtain more data about your condition.

Report of Findings

Upon completion of your screening, Dr. Knowles will explain the findings and your options in terms you can understand before any care is started. If it is determined that we may not be able to help, then an appropriate referral would be given. We won't waste your time or efforts in searching for help.

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